BitWell AMA | How to Rescue NFT Liquidity in the Era of Metaverse?

4 min readMar 3, 2022


On March 3rd, Leo, the Core Contributor of XCarnival, visited the BitWell community and brought a wonderful sharing with the theme “How to Rescue NFT Liquidity in the Era of Metaverse?”

The following is a review of the full content of this community sharing:

Moderator: Catherine, VP of BitWell Overseas Market

Cathy: Could you tell our community a bit more about yourself and the XCarnival project?


Leo:Hi, I am Leo, the XCarnival Core Contributor.

XCarnival is a financial infrastructure for MetaVerse, which is dedicated to providing liquidity solutions for MetaVerse assets. The 3 main divisions of services provided as following:

  1. It provides mortgage and lending services for NFT assets by P2P and Pool2C model
  2. It also provides valuation, leasing and sales solutions for MetaVerse long-tail assets
  3. It participating in building the NFT and MetaVerse industry ecosystem

Cathy: What are some of XCarnival’s key achievements in 2021 and what is your plan in 2022?


Leo: XCarnival started its journey in June 2021,

  • In June 2021,won the first prize of BSC Hackathon competition and pass the security audit by Certik and Peckshield
  • In October 2021,successfully launched XCarnival Genesis NFT on Galaxy platform
  • In October 2021,launched BSC major networks, offering NFT mortgage and lending P2P models: Support XCarnival, BabySwap and Pancake NFTs and offer liquidity reward
  • In October 2021,listed on CMC and CoinGecko, and got traffic support by CMC
  • In November,listed on and MEXC exchange at the same time and initiated the syrup pool incentives with Pancake
  • In December 2021,launched Gamefi platform — XIGO: successfully launched two Gamefi projects, Binopoly and DracooMaster
  • In December 2021,Binance NFT Marketplace: 9,000 XCarnival Combo Cards sold out in 2 seconds
  • In November 2021,The lending and borrowing scale on BSC exceeded $20,000,000 and the total number of mortgages exceeded 20,000; By the end of 2021, the international community members of XCarnival reached 150k

In 2022, We have lots of goals to achieve. The most important even will be the cross-chain launch. First one is ETH, and then we will deploy to other chains. We’ve designed a pretty new lending model and will let people borrow money instantly which no one on the market can provide.

Of course our community DAO will build up in next Q. Please stay in tune.

Cathy: What is the current XCarnival Metaverse ecosystem and how are you going to expand it?


Leo: Right now we only deployed on BSC, now they called BNBChain.

So currently our ecosystem is based on BNBChain as well.

We have built close cooperation with many famous NFT projects including BabySwap, Pancakeswap, etc. And we also helped GameFi projects to launch their IGO by selling the NFT assets.

XCarnival’s overall ecological business plan: Cross chain, IGO, DeFi, and its own chain games that may be launched in the future, as well as the hardware for building the ecosystem — — XCV token, Genesis NFT cards, BlueChips NFT community etc.

All the above sections are for the purpose of constructing the metaverse ecology of XCarnival, which will play a huge role in the process of building the metaverse.

NFT is the most booming sector in the industry. Correspondingly, there are more NFT mortgage lending needs. XCarnival is committed to solving the liquidity of NFT assets and especially helping BlueChips NFT holders to obtain additional income beyond NFTs. More than 90% of NFT transactions and ecology are on the Ethereum chain, so XCarnival can serve more NFT holders and cover a wider range of NFT businesses after crossing the Ethereum chain.

XCarnival has already joined hands with the phenomenal BlueChips NFT communities, in the next episode, XCarnival will also maintain a keen attitude and continue to create new trends and provide better service to metaverse habitants.

Cathy: What are XCarnival’s upcoming priorities? How is XCarnival going to rescue our NFT liquidity in the era of Metaverse?

Leo: Building XCarnival Multi-chain Ecology is our primary task.

Ethereum NFTs have an important position in the market. Meanwhile, other chains also have good marketing performance such as Avalanche, Flow, Solana and Fantom. Hence, the importance of launching cross-chain can not be overemphasized. Subsequently, our platform will have an overall iterative upgrade. Our community also has prepared for Dao.

Talking about the NFT liquidity, we build a new Official Mortgage Lending Pool

mechanism, which is called Pool2C. It is a useful addition to the original 1.0 P2P model, which can available for officially certified (and regularly whitelisted) NFT categories on Ethereum.

Cathy: What plan does XCarnival have to further support its users and partners?

Leo: As a NFT collateral lending service platform, XCarnival definitely will empower our users and partners.

For our users:

  1. We will interact with the community and make some decision together by DAO

2. Empower their assets

Through the upcoming upgrade — — XCarnival will complete the cross-chain to Ethereum. For our users, we always keep connected with our communities, so we will hold many campaigns to make the community’s power bigger and bigger.

Meanwhile, to users which hold XCarnival assets(XCarnival NFTs&$XCV) in their wallets, we will maximize the usage of these assets — synthesizing combo cards, and reducing liquidity by reducing $XCV production.

Our new product — Pool 2C, enables borrowers to make the deal happen at any time through the XCarnival official pool.

For our upcoming cross-chain ecological strategy, XCarnival will empower ecological partners in an all-round way, and carry out close and in-depth cooperation from product-channel-operation and other fields. Besides this, we are also expanding more other public chain partners to increase our service channel.

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