BitWell AMA | Introducing APECoin: Vision of APECOIN, Projects of APECOIN

On Aug 5th, Ms. Gladys (CEO), Mr. Moh (COF) and Mr. Iliya (CTO) from APECoin team visited the BitWell community and brought a wonderful sharing with the theme “Vision of APECOIN, Projects of APECOIN”.

Host Q&A

1.Could you please give us a brief introduction of Asia Pacific Electronic Coin and what problems it intends to solve?

  • Asia Pacific Electronic Coin, in short APECOIN, to be read as AH-PEC-COIN, is categorically defined as a green cryptocurrency.

2. We wonder what inspired you to create APECoin and what role will APECoin play in environmental protection?

  • The newest green cryptocurrency in the virtual market was born and named as APECOIN, meticulously designed and conceptualized to help preserve the beauty of our Mother Nature. Due to the aggravating destruction brought about by irresponsible people and industries have caused a tremendous negative effect especially to our health.

3. Could you now give us an insight into the tokenomics of APECOIN?

  • The tokenomics of APECOIN covering the highest percentage are as follows. Nearly 72% is all about the entire team/advisers/projects, garnering the biggest chunk of the pie because of the projects that are linked to it. It is followed by 9% that goes for token burning. And a little over than 8%, which is for the ecosystem incentives. The rest covers about 5% or even less.

4. Could you elaborate on the utilities of APECOIN Token and how it can benefit APECoin users?

  • The basic utilities of APECOIN being a digital currency are Medium of Exchange, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain Technologies.

5. Does the APECoin team have any exciting initiatives that are planned for $APECOIN in the pipeline?

  • We have carefully planned a 5-year roadmap starting this mid year 2022 up to 2026, infusing innovative solutions with ecologically friendly activities that are deemed to be beneficial for all of us and for the next generations to come.

Community Live Q&A

1.According to your project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities in the incoming months?

In the upcoming month, we are plan to grow our community, redesign our website, integrate our token with web3 and finally open staking program

2.APECHAIN has its own network? how to make a wallet? supports MetaMask?

APECOIN is currently on trc20,erc20,bsc currently we do not have any plan for blockchain network creation but in the next 6 month our own wallet will be live and there is stake option on this wallet

3.A project will be more trusted by the community and users after the project provides tokens for free. I think this strategy is good enough for a marketing plan.
My question is, do you have any ongoing Airdrop programs and events for now?

we run an airdrop in August and we will inform others on social media and our community so make sure to follow us on twitter.We have exciting promotion with the help of Bitwell as well.

4.Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

We are not promising any magic but solar grid on the blockchain is the new level of technology we want to reach on the other hand we have two land and one laboratory located in Armenia, some of our project are done but for more I you can check the news and watch our growth in every Q

5.IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

hi, our project in globally inspired not only for well funded individuals but also for those who are starting new in this field… we cater to all walks of life.

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