BitWell AMA | Introducing APECoin: Vision of APECOIN, Projects of APECOIN

  • Asia Pacific Electronic Coin, in short APECOIN, to be read as AH-PEC-COIN, is categorically defined as a green cryptocurrency.
  • As defined, APECOIN will help in the preservation of the environment through our projects. Roughly about 80% of the proceeds will be allocated for our major environmental projects such as the Solar Renewable Energy Plant, Sulphate-reducing Bacteria Production, Waste to Energy Production, and Water Turbine Energy Plant.
  • The newest green cryptocurrency in the virtual market was born and named as APECOIN, meticulously designed and conceptualized to help preserve the beauty of our Mother Nature. Due to the aggravating destruction brought about by irresponsible people and industries have caused a tremendous negative effect especially to our health.
  • With our environmental projects, we believed in the idea that we can still save our planet in our own little way if we work in unison. APECOIN will soon deliver a colossal impact in the near future.
  • The tokenomics of APECOIN covering the highest percentage are as follows. Nearly 72% is all about the entire team/advisers/projects, garnering the biggest chunk of the pie because of the projects that are linked to it. It is followed by 9% that goes for token burning. And a little over than 8%, which is for the ecosystem incentives. The rest covers about 5% or even less.
  • The basic utilities of APECOIN being a digital currency are Medium of Exchange, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain Technologies.
  • All of these are beneficial to APECOIN users/investors in a way they can transact with ease. APECOIN token is technology-driven while providing greater advantage to the environment. Users can invest in Mother Nature through buying APECOIN and also they can benefit from all of our promotions on each project.
  • We have carefully planned a 5-year roadmap starting this mid year 2022 up to 2026, infusing innovative solutions with ecologically friendly activities that are deemed to be beneficial for all of us and for the next generations to come.
  • We also have outright promotions like airdrop launching, rewards claim, gift giving and the like that will definitely enliven their spirits to participate in this “green cause” and more so will boost their confidence to be part of this family.
  • There are many exciting initiatives we have prepared but we are prioritizing our plan to implement WEB3 and Blockchain Technologies to grid solar systems in order to provide green power with the help of our Blockchain Infrastructure which we are currently working on. We can make new grid solar systems and finally fill the gap in this field.



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