BitWell AMA | Introducing KardiaChain: Pushing Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology Across Southeast Asia

7 min readJun 16, 2022

On Jun 14th, Bobby Pham, the CMO at KardiaChain visited the BitWell community and brought a wonderful sharing with the theme “Pushing Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology Across Southeast Asia”.

The following is a review of the full content of this community sharing!

Host Q&A

1. Could you please give us a brief introduction of the KardiaChain?

KardiaChain is the leading Blockchain Ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

Our mission is to create Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology, starting with Southeast Asia.

We started off with our flagship product, a Layer-1, Interoperable Blockchain, compatible w/ all the major Layer-1 Protocols including ERC, BNB Chain, Polygon, AVAX, Cosmos, and more.

Our other core products include:
KAI Wallet
Beland (Metaverse)
Blockchain Marketing

We essentially want to offer a 1-stop shop for everything you need to be a successful blockchain, crypto, and web 3 project in Southeast Asia.

2. Could you please elaborate on why the fragmentation of the blockchain ecosystem is such a problem and how KardiaChain will solve this problem?

Fragmentation of blockchain ecosystems is an issue that’s preventing mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Imagine mobile carriers.

In every country, there are multiple cell phone carriers.

And no matter if you’re on Carrier Company A or Carrier Company B, you can still easily send messages and photos to other phones, regardless of which carrier they’re on.

But imagine if that wasn’t possible. Imagine if you could only interact w/ users from your own carrier.

That would be a disaster for mobile companies and adoption of mobile phone usage.

This is the framework to use for viewing the issue of blockchain fragmentation.

Right now we have many blockchain ecosystems, but they’re not able to easily communicate or interact w/ each other.

KardiaChain solves this problem by being the connector among blockchain protocols.

By using our dual-node technology, we can run dual nodes on multiple chains, allowing for interaction and engagement among different blockchains.

So imagine a future where users from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, AVAX, Solana, Polygon can seamless interact with each other through KardiaChain’s interoperable features.

In other words, KardiaChain aims to be the one to connect them all.

3. Can you tell us about KardiaChain’s Dual Nodes technology?

The dual-node tech allows for multiple simultaneous access to the ledger data of another blockchain.

Essentially, this tech allows for data to be transferred across blockchains easily and seamlessly.

The image below does a good job of providing a visualization of how this tech works.

We call this approach “non-invasive,” meaning that we’re able to connect to other blockchains without requiring them to make any major changes on their blockchain (thus the phrase, “non-invasive”).

Some of the other popular interoperable blockchains (such as Polkadot), requires the participating blockchains to make several changes to connect to their network.

In other words, we adapt to you.

4. Could you elaborate on the killer features of KAI token and how it can benefit KardiaChain users?

The $KAI Token is the token that powers the KardiaChain ecosystem.

You can currently use it to:
- Stake and earn additional KAI Tokens or other farms + staking pools in our network

- Governance for our network

- Participate in token launches on our network

As the core products of the KardiaChain Blockchain Ecosystem continue to develop and grow, the use cases for the $KAI token will continue to grow.

5. Does KardiaChain have any exciting initiatives that are planned for KAI tokens in the pipeline?


1 — We’re currently getting ready to launch V3 of our KAIDEX.

And with it, we’ll have at least 8 token launches scheduled over the next 3 months.

Users will be able to use KAI tokens to participate in these token launches and trade them on our dex.

2 — Today, most users think of KardiaChain as a L1 Interoperable Blockchain.
But tomorrow, KardiaChain will be Southeast Asia’s biggest Blockchain Ecosystem, with all the products & services needed to be successful in the blockchain space. Our core products will include:

  • L1 Interoperable Blockchain
  • Multi-Chain Wallet
  • Metaverse
  • Web 3 Marketing Services

Before end of Q2, we’ll be releasing a new Roadmap that’ll highlight what KardiaChain has in store for the remainder of the year.

We’re confident that users will be excited to hear about what we have in-store :).

Community Live Q&A

  1. Do you have any plans to add more members to your team, as ambassadors or any other position?Do you have any plans to add more members to your team, as ambassadors or any other position?

Yes this is a great question.

We’ve been spending a lot of time internally brainstorming and discussing our new vision for the Ambassador Program V2.

Historically, we viewed Ambassadors as primarily as team members that can help grow, manage, and facilitate our communities across Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

And they were critical to growing the KardiaChain Brand and Community.
— -
Our 2nd version will open up Ambassador Opportunities to not just those that can help us grow our community, but those w/ varying skillsets across:
- Development
- Marketing
- Business Management
- PR

So to answer your question, we’ll be scaling our Ambassador Program to be more inclusive.

And along w/ that will include a ton of great benefits ranging from compensation, trips, rewards, and more.

Be on the lookout when we post details of our new program.
— -
Thanks for asking :)

2. Question from Twitter user @ recieve_sense

What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on Southeast Asia this time? or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships across the globe?

1 — At this time, a lot of our internal focus is cultivating our presence in SE Asia.

We have strong support and presence across Vietnam, PH, Indonesia, India….so we want to maximize the areas we already have presence

Furthermore, we’re seeing a TON of interest in the SE Asia market. 41% of the VN population (90 million) holds crypto.

Knowing this, we want to certainly take advantage of this area and push our mission of Blockchain Mass Adoption.
— -
2 — Global Expansion

Part of bringing on myself and an experienced marketing team was to push for expansion outside the VN market.

While KAI has amazing presence across SEA, we’re seeing tons of support for many developing regions including:
- Middle East
- Africa

These are other regions that we’ll want to focus on as well as we grow our team and resources
— -
3 — Our primary focus is acquiring users and developers at the moment

However, we’re always open to partnerships that’ll help us achieve growth in users and dev talent

3. We’re very interested in hearing more about your roadmap. What is coming up in the short term that is important for our community to know about?

Great question and I’m glad you asked this, since we’ll be releasing a new roadmap to reflect our direction for the reaminder of 2022.

However a sneak peak for you all to stay on the lookout for includes…


The team has literally been working day/night and weekends working on the next reiteration of our DEX.

There’ll be a ton of new features, launchpads, and more that I’m sure our users and audiences will appreciate.
— -
2 — Metaverse

We’ve also got a 2nd team that’s been working 24/7 on our upcoming metaverse, that’ll exclusively represent the KAI Ecosystem.

Our metaverse will have exposure for projects inside the KAI ecosystem


Traditional & enterprise brands across Southeast Asia (we’re in talks w/ a major Korean brand and a few local e-com VN brands)
— -
So in the short-term, I’d be on the lookout for more info and details (from our TG + Twitter) that we release regarding these two developments.

4. Question from Twitter | @ highlifeteam
What is the first thing you would like people to think of when KardiaChain is mentioned to them?

KardiaChain is the Leading Blockchain Ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission is Simple — -> Blockchain Mass Adoption

5. Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about✅

I’ll rephrase this to 1–3 “killer edges” that make us ahead of the competition
— -
1 — Non-Invasive Approach to Inteoperability

We make it easy for blockchains to connect to us since we adapt to the participating blockchains, not the other way around.

Many interoperable blockchains require a lot of effort and work to connect to them.
— -
2 — We’re aiming to be the leading Blockchain Ecosystem in Southeast Asia with the Most Active Users

We have all the products and support a web3 brand needs to succeed in this industry including:

- L1 interoperable blockchain to host your dApp or project
- DEX to launch + trade your token
- Multi-chain wallet to store token, nfts, and assets
- A metaverse to showcase your brand
- Blockchain Marketing Support
— -
3 — Strong SEA Partners + Support
We have strong support and partnerships behind us, including the VBA (Vietnamese Blockchain Associtation), which our co-founders (Huy Nguyen and Tri Pham) have prominent roles on.

The VBA is the Vietnam government’s endorsement of blockchain tech.

With their support, we’ll be able to help educate users, institutional investors, and businesses on benefits and capabilities of blockchain tech.

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