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On April 12th, Sam Grilli, the Community & Events Manager of Kingdom Karnage, visited the BitWell community and brought a wonderful sharing with the theme “Introducing Kingdom Karnage: Free2play Play2earn Gaming!”.

The following is a review of the full content of this community sharing!

Host Q&A

1. Could you please give us a brief introduction of Kingdom Karnage and what problems it intends to solve?

Kingdom Karnage is an Animated Combat NFT Trading Card Game currently playable cross platform from Browser, Google Play & Steam.

Simple to play, hard to master. Kingdom Karnage equips you with an army of up to 30 cards, and challenges you to deplete the health of the enemy hero before his army is able to defeat yours!

Characters and Equipment are not just virtual assets, they are also NFT’s, powered and infused with Enjin Coin. Players can trade the NFTs on our in-game auction house or the JumpNet marketplace.

The problem Kingdom Karnage will solve is making a play2earn game that remains both entertaining and also has a sustainable economy. It will also be truly cross format game, with PC & Android already supported and iOS coming very soon!

2. Could you tell us more about the Kingdom Karnage’s gaming mechanism?

The cards in Kingdom Karnage come in 5 different rarities, from lowest to highest: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. We have a policy of never selling Epic or Legendary characters that drop in the game in our store. That means you know when you loot an Epic or Legendary that it’s truly special and you have something that has real value. Hopefully it also gives you faith that we’re building something for the long term, we intend on Kingdom Karnage still being here and popular in 10+ years time.

The cards you collect are leveled by combining two cards of the same type and level together. So:
- Two level 1 human warriors levels to one level 2 human warrior.
- Two level 4 Skeleton Necromancers levels to one level 5 Skeleton Necromancer.

There’s a slight addition for epic and legendary characters which are extremely scarce drops. To ensure you can still level these, they can also be leveled using our “enchanted coins” which only drop in our Catacombs dungeon. 1 x enchanted coin replaces an epic card for the purposes of leveling, or 2 x enchanted coins can replace a Legendary card for leveling purposes.

3. Could you give us an insight into Kingdom Karnage in-game tokenomics?

You’ll find more utility for $KKT than most projects could even dream of never mind implement. The whole of Kingdom Karnage is designed with a player’s ability to earn at the forefront. Whether earning directly from the game or from other players.

A great example is our Midas vault.

The Midas vault is essentially an in-game bank where players can deposit and store $KKT.

- Before accessing the Vault you will be required to acquire a character, King Midas (Half price in our presale until the end of April). This character levels and increases in rarity the longer you hold $KKT in the vault.

- You’ll also get access to limited edition characters/equipment which won’t be available elsewhere, other than from player to player on the in-game auction house or external NFT marketplaces.

- Players who hold $KKT in the game vault will also get access to our voting pool. Voting on topics such as what will be the next character race to be added, dwarves? trolls? orcs?

Those who vote will get a share of $KKT from our voting pool. The voting pool is topped up by a small fee on every $KKT transaction in Kingdom Karnage, whether the Auction House, Rentals, King of Karnage, Bounties, etc.

We don’t stop there though, we know gamers have been running boosting services in MMOs for years, so we are embracing that, making it a direct option, right there in-game. When multiplayer dungeons come in, you’ll be able to set an optional fee, you charge other players, to help them through the harder content.

The Catacombs is the best dungeon which provides the best loot in the game and requires a key to access. There are only 1000 in existence and we already have a rental system in place for them and recently implemented the reverse, a bounty system where key owners will be able to pay other players $KKT to complete the dungeon for them. The person taking the bounty gets the $KKT and the key owner gets the NFT which drops in the game.

All this without even mentioning tournaments, guilds, standard auctions/rentals

Lots of the game modes will require $KKT to play. Many player to player interactions will require $KKT

4. Could you elaborate on the killer features of Kingdom Karnage and how it can benefit gamers and holders?

Other than the cross platform, the Midas Vault and Catacombs Keys which I have already mentioned….

Dynamic cards — With the introduction of every race we introduce what we call a Dynamic card. These cards are issued as a fixed supply low level common card with very poor stats. However as more players join the game they level up, all the way to level 10 legendary (The highest level/rarity combination in the game). The idea behind this is they get stronger as they become scarcer within the community (due to their fixed supply). By the time they reach the top level there is only 1 dynamic card per 100 players in the game. We already celebrated Mistress of Nightmares becoming level 10 legendary, and she is now one of the strongest cards in the game trading for over $200. She was originally sold for $20.

There are 3 dynamic cards in the game, Velkan is still actually still for sale in our online shop (Mistress of Nightmares and Crimson Paladin have now sold out) you can see their leveling tables here:

Pioneer MFT — Most Enjin network games introduce what they call a “Multiverse Founders Token” and Kingdom Karnage was no different. We made ours into a playable character, the Pioneer. Not only is the Pioneer an Epic level character which is awesome, he awards a Pioneers quest every month which usually reward those who complete it with 2 card packs (1 x uncommon, 1 x rare). That one is a real benefit for our players! Pioneer was issued free to the community early on in development and can now only be purchased from other players on the auction house or jumpnet marketplace. Check out the latest Pioneer quests on the events page:

5. Does Kingdom Karnage have any exciting initiatives that are planned in the pipeline?

We constantly have exciting things in the pipeline.

Rentals and Sponsorships will be added to the game in the near future. You will be able to list your Items for rental for short time periods in exchange for $KKT. Characters like Velkan, our latest dynamic card which are fixed supply and should get improved stats in the future should be really interesting as long term rental prospects. Remember all our Dynamics are fixed supply, there will only ever be 2000 Velkans in existence!

Sponsorships will be of a similar vein but instead of single items for $KKT, it will be whole decks in exchange for a share of items looted over the sponsorship period.

Summer/Autumn time this year you should see multiplayer dungeons. Think connecting on to the game on your pc, having a friend on an android phone join your party, then a relative from his iOS phone fills 3rd slot. You then as a team up in a battle vs the dungeon boss for awesome loots, its going to be an fantastic gaming experience that you just cant get elsewhere.

The other thing I’m really excited about right now is our Golden Touch ability going live on our King Midas Characters Not only does Midas level in levels, he also levels up in rarity. From the start of May, any Midas that becomes rare gets the golden touch ability, which lets him score Golden Touch points with every kill. At the end of every month the Golden Touch Prize pool is split proportionally according to the number of Golden Touch points a player has scored. Please note the higher your Golden Touch ability’s level is the faster you score points! Kills literally mean cash!!

For the rest of April, Midas is half price at only $25, so go in game and grab yourself a Midas while he’s cheap and get leveling him by stashing some KKT in his vault and putting your feed up!

Community Live Q&A

1. How many members are there in Kingdom karnage? Do they have enough experience in GameFi field? Do they have any experience on working in crypto and non-crypto project before?

We have recently reached 7 members and are growing fast. A massive achievement considering Nick our CEO was doing this project solo not much more than 1 year ago. We have artists with work history from EA games, and our CEO has had previously employment with the popular cryptocurrency exchange, Kriptomat.

We are currently employing (especially a streamer). If anyone has any streamer experience, please check out the streaming contest which is within our gleam contest:

2. Is Kingdom Karnage easy to play? Does it require experience players? Does Kingdom Karnage have version for mobile?

We are literally designing Kingdom Karnage so its easy to play, hard to master. The game is completely free and you will start to earn a deck by playing the campaign as you join the game.

We are constantly adding game modes so there is something for everyone. When we release things like tournaments in the summer, these wont only be for players who have been building decks for the past 1–2 years, we will also be adding things like “balanced” tournaments where everyone gets the same deck, and only skill separates the players.

Kingdom Karnage is available on Android today, find us in the google play store….. iOS is being worked on as we speak!

3. You really mentioned how The Kingdom Karnage is ‘’Free To Play’’ unlike ‘’Axie Infinity’’. So with this,Do you find Axie Infinity as your ‘’Direct competitor’’?What Kingdom Karnage features are more superior than Axie?

Yes completely free to play, no investment is required to get started (unlike Axie Infinity!).

Currently I wouldn’t say we are in direct competition with Axie as unlike the established video games market, crypto video games are still in a growth period, theres plenty of room for everyone. That said, we would certainly like Axie player numbers 😉.

Whereas Axie produced an infinite amount of SLP, which in my opinion caused them issues with their economy, Kingdom Karnage is only giving out the one currency (KKT) which there is and will only ever be 1,000,000,000 of the total amount.

4. Do you consider community feedback/requests during product creation to expand on new ideas for your project? Many projects fail because they do not understand the target audience and customers. So I want to know who is the ideal consumer for your product?

We are always in our telegram chats, always with open ears, listing to player feedback and suggestions. You will only need to pop by to see how loyal and engaged our community are because of this.

We always listen and have made significant changes to events and game functionality based on community feedback.

Logically we are starting with the crypto-gamer market as they are most open to playing crypto video games. We are however putting in mechanisms to make it easier for the non crypto gamer, for example: No wallet is needed when you start playing, simply collect and use your assets virtually, these can all be withdrawn at a later date when the user understands cryptocurrency better and has opened a wallet.

We have put an in-game auction house within the game itself, so players can sell assets within the game and not have to deal with NFT marketplaces if this is a world they aren’t familiar with.

Naturally non-crypto gamers will be easier and easier to market to as crypto adoption occurs. I believe in the future all games will have a cryptocurrency element!

5. Is your project a community only for English speaking countries or for users of other languages?

Not at all!

We are working hard with our partners to open up communities that speak other languages as soon as we can. Naturally that cant happen overnight as we look to ensure they’re properly moderated.

We already have several chatrooms set up for local communities around the world.

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