BitWell AMA | Introducing MixMarvel: The world’s leading blockchain content incubation and publication platform

On May 11th, Alina Zarelua, the CBO at MixMarvel team visited the BitWell community and brought a wonderful sharing with the theme “MixMarver, the world’s leading blockchain content incubation and publication platform”.

The following is a review of the full content of this community sharing!

Host Q&A

1. Could you please give us a brief introduction of MixMarvel and what problems it intends to solve?

- MixMarvel is the world’s leading blockchain-content incubation and publication platform.

- It inteneds to make the Metaverse easily attainable to Metaverse creators, mass users, and investors. Through its one-stop, comprehensive publishing solutions, MixMarvel connects Metaverse entrepreneurs, mass users, and investors through content incubation, project publication, MixMarvel DAO Venture, blockchain technology, marketing consultancy, and other diversified scenarios. It aims to allow mass players to accept blockchain games and ultimately to create a real Metaverse for the masses.

2. I am curious to know what inspired you to design MixMarvel, a blockchain game publishing platform and content community?

- In 2017, MixMarvel was born in the vision of “open world, free creation, asset exchange, and community co-construction,” focusing on game distribution.

- It began to explore the field of infrastructure in 2018.

- In 2019, MixMarvel first proposed the concept of GameFi (Game+Finance).

- In the recent years, with the popularity of NFT and DeFi, as a trailblazer in the blockchain application and entertainment industry, MixMarvel further materialized the “open world” concept to an executable level with popular FT and NFT projects, complex dapps, etc. MixMarvel believes that the “open world” composition requires infrastructure, standard protocols, economic systems, and new organizational forms. MixMarvel has been continuously exploring and practicing in this direction.

3. What support or tools can MixMarvel offer to users and developers who are extremely interested in Web3?

- MixMarvel has developed and constantly upgraded tools and services around the incubation and publication sectors.

- For incubation, MixMarvel supports the creation and development of blockchain games, GameFi, FT/NFT, dApps, along with techology support, incubation consultancy, and creators community.

- For publication, MixMarvel provides consultancy in marketing, operation and distribution, resource aggregation, and the grand idea of MarvelLand.

- MixMarvel offers these Web3 tools and services not only through in-house wisdom but also through leveraging its strategic industry partners such as Rangers Protocol and MixMarvel DAO Venture.

4. I would like to know about the uses of the $MIX token. What role does a token play in the MixMarvel ecosystem? What are the advantages for holders?

- MIX is a platform token representing the growth of MixMarvel’s ecosystem value, with a fixed circulation of 10 billion.

- Its distribution rules are based on community members’ behaviors beneficial to the ecosystem, such as marketing, developing applications, creating content, and providing services, which are all rewarded with MIX.

- MIX holders can enjoy distinguished rights and interests. For instance, participate in voting various decisions on the platform and the governance of the platform’s ecosystem construction; Airdrop benefits; and the opportunity to learn about the most recent games first and participate in advance.

- If you wish to learn more about the MIX token logic of value growth, please feel free to check out the MixMarvel white paper:

5. What is MixMarvel’s main roadmap for 2022?

- In 2022 Q1, MixMarvel has listed $MIX in more exchanges and has launched the decentralized investment organization MixMarvel DAO Venture.

- Some upcoming milestones include releasing NFT platform products to provide broad support for more NFT projects and users; establishing an IGO (Initial Game Offering) platform which enables individuals or institutions to invest in game projects at an early stage;

and launching more popular dapps and developer tools for its greater success in blockchain game incubation and publication.

Community Live Q&A

  1. I would like to know more details about your projects?

Thank you for your interesting in MixMarvel.
You could learn more about our project with our social media such as Twitter:
You may also check our White Paper for more comprehensive and detailed information:

2. Where can I buy your $MIX Token now. What are your current contracts, and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Here is a list of exchanges that current can trade $MIX 👇🏼, and BitWell is certainly your best choice!

MEXC Global:

MIX contract(BSC):

MIX contract(ETH):

3. How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

You can join our MixMarvel Global Community to stay updated with our project:

4. Since NFT is popular nowadays, is there a plan for NFT integration

Yes, NFT intergration is absolutely important. That’s why MixMarvel also established an blockchin infastrature to help solve this kind of problem. For more information, I encourage you to check Rangers Protocol.
Here are the links:

5. Does your project support staking program? If yes. how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform?

MixMarvel has its own DeFi, which supports all ecosystem project tokens staking such as $MIX, $RPG, $HEROES, as well as LP staking.

MixMarvel Official Media Channels

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter

Please click the following links for further information about BitWell:

Twitter | Telegram (Official) | Telegram (Announcements)

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