BitWell AMA | Introducing WTN: Wateenswap WTN Launch on Bitwell

  • Governance of the WateenSwap platform via WTN voting on new features such as new pools, promotions, …
  • Providing Liquidity to the several pairs
  • Staking for more WTN and Staking to get non-WTN tokens in the Syrup Pools.
  • Farming to get rewards in Pools.
  • Used in Lottery tickets
  • Launchpad participation
  • NFT products (creation and sell).
  • Profile creation on WateenSwap platform
  • WTN bidding during Farm auction
  • The main means of payment on the WateenSwap platform.
  • WTN will be used in 147 countries in Ivend Pay POS machine



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