BitWell AMA | The New P2E Dreamland and DAO Paradigm: What Are the Advantages of SeekTiger?

4 min readMar 26, 2022


On March 25th, David, the Co-founder of SeekTiger, visited the BitWell community and brought a wonderful sharing with the theme “The New P2E Dreamland and DAO Paradigm: What are the advantages of SeekTiger?”.

The following is a review of the full content of this community sharing:

Moderator: Catherine, VP of BitWell Overseas Market

Cathy: Could you please give us a brief introduction of SeekTiger and what problems it intends to solve?

SeekTiger is a decentralised aggregation platform, by combining the blindbox, digital tiger and DAO governance, it presents an interesting ecosystem of NFT, DAO and GameFi to the users. We are committed to building a GameFi aggregation platform based on web 3 technology, integrating DAO governance voting experience and also a decentralised NFT trading platform.

Cathy: Could you tell us more about the SeekTiger DAO and SeekTiger mystery boxes?

Tiger DAO VC is a platform focused on discovering high quality blockchain projects based on Tiger DAO and Tiger capital, and the investment fund is mainly settled with the platform token STI. Tiger DAO VC will reach strategic investment partnership with more outstanding projects in the future to empower each other and promote the healthy development of the industry ecology.

All characters and props in SEEKTIGER’s world are based on the Genesis Digital Tiger. We’ll keep the overall number of Mystery box issues constant for 100W to reflect the digital tiger’s rarity and scarcity.

Each Mystery box contains a unique digital tiger that can be unlocked. With the backpack, the digital tiger storage was opened; users can be synthesised, transformed, and traded. The box costs 10 USDT + 10STI, with 10 USDT representing the cost of purchasing the box and 10STI representing the cost of opening it once. According to the different attributes of each digital tiger, the scarcity of digital tigers is assigned to 5 levels, which are SSR, SR, S, R, N. The number of digital tigers varies from level to level.

Cathy: Could you give us an insight into SeekTiger’s tokenomics?

STI has a total supply of 1 Billion and the distribution of the supply is as follows;

5% to IDO

10% to institutions

15% to DAO

20% to DEX

50% Play To Earn

There are solid plans in line to drive demand for our native token, an example is our periodic supply release and there are a lot more in store.

Cathy: Could you elaborate on the killer features of SeekTiger and how it can benefit gamers and holders?
We have a good marketing strategy when it comes to expansion and development. We’ve partnered with other great platforms who will assist in the spread of the amazing features and qualities of the P2E games of SeekTiger. Most gamers have played Online Games for years without having to enjoy great rewards, instead they Pay to play these games. What the Play to Earn gaming system like SeekTiger offers is really amazing and when a lot of Gamers get to know of this, they would want to take part in the game. As a result of this, a good strategy of making this information known to most gamers is needed. This is why we’ve organised AMA with many platforms as well.

SEEKTIGER features and benefits includes:

ASSET SECURITY GUARANTEE: after the user’s game assets are linked, the decentralised management will not disappear because of server failure or operator problems.

Process transparency and clarity: Give processes and rules more control over the execution of programs to solve problems of opacity and trust.

HIGHER RETURN RATE: after the automated process, it can effectively reduce operating costs and provide users with a higher return rate.

GLOBAL MARKET: Traditional game industry uses fiat currency for participation and settlement. Due to differences in regional policies, the involvement of global users is limited. GameFi is borderless and can be circulated globally, allowing more users to participate.

DAO: Aiming at establishing a Web3.0-based DAO chain game aggregation platform, it actively integrates individual game developers or teams, introduces richer GameFi, and provides diversified chain game services for DAO members.

RICH GAMEPLAY: With SEEK TIGER ecology as the theme, we have prepared several games with rich gameplay, which can realise the continuous increase of wealth in experiencing the game and exploring the unknown territory.

Cathy: Does SeekTiger have any exciting initiatives that are planned in the pipeline?

We will soon launch LP pledge mining pool.

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