BitWell Bi-Weekly Report (06.20–07.03)

Product Technologies

1. Spot:

The Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) spot will be launched in the innovation zone, and the GHC-M/USDT trading pair will be opened. Users who participate in the GHC-M spot transaction can jointly divide a $5,000 reward.

Galaxy Heroes Coin(GHC) is introduced as a community-driven token geared towards superhero fans. The roadmap includes Galaxy NFTs, staking platforms, NFT platforms, and gaming apps.The developer of the project is fully real-name disclosed. At the same time, the project also plans to give 5% of NFT sales back to members of the community who have been RugPulled in other projects.

2. Well Pool

MixMarvel (MIX) will be launched on June 21st, , and participants can share MIX worth $10,000.

MixMarvel is a content incubation platform and creator community based on blockchain technology.

MixMarvel has completed a $10 million round of financing, and has been invested by well-known institutions in this space including Hashkey, The Blockchainer, Ultrain, SNZ, Axonomy, VLane Capital, Genesis Group, OGC, ImToken Ventures, Mix Labs, etc.

3. WELL Vault

The 17th phase of the WELL Vault will be opened from 1:00 July 1st, with an initial prize pool of 100,000 WELLs with no ceiling.

Market operation

1. Strategic cooperation

a.BitWell Labs has reached a strategic cooperation with Radio Caca to jointly promote the ecological construction of the Metaverse and Web3.

BitWell Labs will provide more financial, market and operational support for the Radio Caca ecosystem, jointly promote the development of multi-domain blockchain projects including Web3 and Metaverse, and provide more scalable solutions.

BitWell Labs will also carry out multi-party cooperation with Radio Caca on the integration of global user communities. It will promote Web3 and Metaverse to more users around the world through community co-creation and other diversified scenarios. That is how we can help realize the implementation of related applications, and link investors and public users to create a more perfect Web3 decentralized application ecosystem and achieve a comprehensive upgrade of products and services.

b.BitWell Labs has reached a strategic cooperation with the Solana ecological project Sypool to jointly build an asset management and decentralized protocol security system.

BitWell Labs will cooperate with Sypool to develop an asset-based structured income fund to provide users with more abundant investment tools. Both sides will also carry out technical cooperation to upgrade cooperation technology in user asset management, multi-signature multi-chain wallet risk control and other businesses. They will jointly build infrastructures such as wallet connection verification and storage conversion of the BitWell decentralized derivatives protocol. On the basis of efficient capital utilization, the security of user assets is further guaranteed.

2. Community Activities

a. Radio Caca global community administrator is a guest in the English community. Those who participate in AMA interaction and ask questions can share 1 million RACA rewards.

RACA officially forwarded this AMA:

The Q&A session is open, and community users actively ask questions:

For a full review of AMA.

b. Max and Mer of Pitbull team are the guests of the English community. Those who participate in the AMA can share 3 Pitbullers NFT rewards.

Pitbull project retweeted the event twitter:

The Q&A session is open, and community users actively ask questions:

For a full review of AMA.

c. To celebrate the listing of GHC on BitWell, They have launched the HGC airdrop accordingly. 250 lucky users of those who participate in Twitter interaction will share $500 in GHC.

RACA officials also forwarded the event to encourage community users to participate:

Platform Dynamics

1. BitWell is actively recruiting talents in Web3 and other sectors. There are 1000+ vacancies. You can send an email to for details.

2. The BitWell platform operates stably, and the cold wallet has far more than 100% of the reserves for users to withdraw assets at any time without delay or run. Since 2022, BitWell’s trading volume and number of users have reached record highs.

For details.



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