📒BitWell|Fortnightly Report (12.06–12.19)

🔹Product Announcements and News

1. Perpetual Contracts

1.1 Launched Flow(FLOW), PancakeSwap(CAKE), Enjin Coin(ENJ), and Terra(LUNA) perpetual contracts, support up to 50x leverage. Open trading competition, join in to share 5,000 USDT rewards.

1.2 Launched dYdX(DYDX) perpetual contract and spot trading, support up to 50x leverage. Open deposit and trading competition, deposit to share 200 DYDX, and trade to share 500 DYDX.

2. Spot

2.1 Added GameFi zone, and choose hot high quality assets to list on. Listed Decentraland(MANA)、MOBOX(MBOX). Join in spot trading to share 2,000 MANA and 2,000 MBOX rewards.

2.2 Initial listed GameFi project GoldMiner(GM), launched deposit and trading competition. Join in to share a total of 20,000 USDT rewards.

2.3 Listed Flow(FLOW) on NFT zone, join in trading and invite more than 10 new users to share 1,000 FLOW.

2.4 Listed Enjin Coin(ENJ) on NFT zone, join in trading to share 4,000 ENJ.

3. WELL Pool open the eighth phase of reward voting, users can vote for Booster Battle (RICE), NAOS Finance (NAOS), Mars Ecosystem Token (XMS), XCarnival (XCV), BabySwap (BABY) and CryptoShips (CSHIP). The top three tokens will have the chance to be listed into the WELL Pool.

🔹 Market & Operation

1.CEO Jeff Young tweeted to announce the establishment of a $50 million metaverse-specific fund to support and invest in GameFi and NFT, as well as other metaverse-related projects, to help more quality projects develop in terms of marketing, operations, trading, etc.

2. VIP rights and benefits giveaway, other exchange VIP will be VIP+2 on BitWell. New users exclusive activities, new registered users can upgrade to VIP1 with no threshold. If you provide other exchange VIP level screenshot, then you can enjoy VIP+2 on BitWell(up to VIP6).

3. Launched team trading tournament event, join in perpetual contracts to win limited edition team medals.

4. Community activities

4.1 Victor, the CTO of GoldMiner, visited the BitWell community and shared the theme of ‘Spotlight on GoldMiner’s Game launch’, where users could receive 500 USDT worth of airdrop rewards.

4.2 Cook, director of BitWell Research Institute, brought a project analysis of the Flow(FLOW) to the community, and also invited the Flow project team to be a guest of the community to participate in the interaction, answered questions for users, and gave out gifts.

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