đź“’BitWell Fortnightly Report (Dec.20-Jan. 3)

🔹Product Updates

  1. Savings

a. List customised high-yield financial pool, list a 7-day coin deposit pool for the first time, deposit BTC to get BTC, deposit ETH to get ETH, the expected annual return is up to 10%, more than DeFi earnings, and it is the highest in the industry;

b. List a 14-day USDT pool for depositing USDT to get USDT, with an expected annual return of 8%-10% and a leading yield rate in the industry.

2. List Axie Infinity (AXS), Arweave (AR), yearn.finance (YFI), Curve DAO Token (CRV), Fantom (FTM) perpetual contracts, supporting up to 50 times leverage; and open the trading competition, people who participate in the trading can share 5,000 USDT rewards.

3. Spot

a. DeFi zone lists Terra (LUNA), a single account with total trading volume ≥ $50,000, can share a total of 200 LUNA.

b.DeFi zone lists Bondly (BONDLY), a single account with total trading volume ≥ $50,000, can share a total of 80,000 BONDLY;

c. The Innovation Zone lists SHIBA INU (SHIB), a single account with total trading volume of ≥ USD 50,000 can share 300 SHIB.

d. The Innovation Zone lists Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a single account with total transaction volume ≥ $50,000 can share 300 ENS.

4. WELL Pool listed BabySwap (BABY) and XCarnival (XCV) on the 21st of December; users who participate in coin deposit, use their own invitation code to invite their friends to BitWell to register an account and complete the KYC, the inviter and the invitee can participate in sharing 10,000 USDT equivalent token rewards.

5. iOS 1.11.19 & Android 1.7.8 versions are listed, adding some new features and optimising the interface:

a. Any screenshot of the interface will be accompanied by a personal invitation code, making it more convenient to share earnings and invite friends.

b. Spot trading adds segment classification, which is convenient for users to choose popular segment coins and make trading faster.

c. Add drop-down real-time refresh function on spot and contract trading pages, which can significantly improve trading efficiency.

d. Optimise the trading interface order book plate depth display, the control of the depth of the plate is more clear and concise.

e. Add a price change flashing function at the currency list, so that the change of the market is more significant and intuitive.

f. Optimise the font display effect in various places to make the APP more clear and sharp.

🔹Marketing Operation

1. External Cooperation

a. BitWell has entered into a strategic cooperation with FIO Protocol, a Web 3.0 infrastructure supply agreement. The two parties will cooperate in all aspects of trading convenience and security, lowering the user threshold, and improving the on-chain trading experience, jointly promoting the research and construction of decentralised infrastructure, providing more low-threshold, efficient and secure solutions, and jointly creating a better user participation and trading experience under Web 3.0.

b. BitWell and WOO Network have entered into a strategic partnership,

the two parties will cooperate intensively in the CeFi space, enhance the liquidity and trading experience of BitWell across all coins, and will bring more trading volume to WOO Network. BitWell users will be able to enjoy faster order matching, lower slippage and smaller spreads on major pairs.

2. Launching a Christmas giveaway promotion, users who participate in perpetual contract trading have a chance to win a limited number of WELLoot NFT for free, and even have a chance to participate in sharing an additional 400,000 WELL rewards.

3. Launching the “New Year’s Bonus” promotion, users who participate in perpetual contract trading have the opportunity to win a limited number of WELLoot NFT for free, and even have the opportunity to participate in the sharing of an additional 500,000 WELL rewards.

4. To thank the community users for their support of BitWell and to give back to the users better, we are launching a New Year’s bonus promotion for perpetual contracts: old users can trade and share 10,000 USDT New Year’s bonus; new users can deposit and enjoy 20,000 USDT New Year’s bonus airdrop.

5. To thank users for their support of BitWell, the platform is giving away limited-time VIP levels and New Year’s NFT avatars as rewards to old friends at the beginning of the New Year, with VIP levels corresponding to users’ average daily trading volume in December, and limited NFT avatars for VIP 4 users.

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