BitWell Labs and KardiaChain enter into a strategic partnership to co-establish a Web3 and multi-domain smart contract ecosystem in Southeast Asia

3 min readJun 9, 2022


Recently, BitWell Labs, the venture capital and innovation incubation department of BitWell, the world’s leading growth asset trading platform, entered into a strategic partnership with KardiaChain, the first public-private cross-chain project in Southeast Asia. Both parties will cooperate in areas such as NFT and GameFi 2.0 to jointly promote the development of Web3 infrastructure and help to bring more multiverse applications to life.

Based on KardiaChain’s public-private cross-chain technology, the two parties will jointly research and develop high-quality games with social elements. BitWell Labs will use its financial strength and cooperation resources to work with KardiaChain to establish an economic ecology of multi-game interoperability, develop simpler and more effective social scenarios, and link more NFT assets to connect and extend user identities. BitWell Labs will also provide support in marketing and community operation to jointly promote the development of GameFi 2.0.

With GameFi 2.0 as the entry point, the two partners will explore how to allow users to provide productivity in the virtual world to obtain funds, as well as consume or conduct financial behaviors in different but interoperable applications, so as to break the last barrier between GameFi and metaverse interoperability, and finally allow users to interact with their real selves and realize the implementation of metaverse applications.

As the first smart public chain in Southeast Asia, KardiaChain has become the first choice of most chain tours for its comprehensive factors such as security, user experience, and ecological applications. BitWell Labs will also cooperate with KardiaChain in multiple ways regarding the integration of user groups in Southeast Asia, and is committed to providing safe, reliable, and fully decentralized services to assist KardiaChain to provide consensus layer protection, completing the large-scale application of practical blockchain, and participate in improving the financial system, capital structure, and restructuring of products and services in the Vietnamese market and globally.

About BitWell Labs

BitWell Labs is the venture capital and innovation incubation arm of BitWell, the world’s leading growth asset trading platform, dedicated to providing more investment, collaboration, and incubation opportunities for the world’s top blockchain projects.

BitWell Labs has established a $50 million metaverse fund to support and invest in GameFi and NFT, as well as other metaverse-related projects, to help more quality projects develop in terms of marketing, operations, trading, and more.

About KardiaChain

KardiaChain is the leading Blockchain Ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

With the goal of mass adoption, KardiaChain’s core products play a major role in accelerating this mission.

Starting with its original product, a L1 blockchain platform that’s to be fully interoperable and “non-invasive,” using innovative, dual-node tech that allows blockchains to connect to the network without needing to make technical modifications to their own protocols.

Following the its blockchain network, KardiaChain also has a KAIDEX, KAI Wallet, an upcoming Metaverse, and exclusive Blockchain Marketing Services.




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