BitWell Research Daily News (2022/7/27)

On July 27, BitWell announced the appointment of former JP Morgan executive director Andrey S. Johnson as BitWell’s chief revenue officer. Andrey previously served as Executive Director of Strategic Planning at JP Morgan and has more than 10 years’ experience in financial risk control in financial services and commercial banking.
After Andrey joins BitWell, he will work on business innovation and global cooperation.

Morgan Stanley expects the FOMC to raise rates by 75 bps in July, in line with the 78 bps priced in the swap market. However, the market will increase interest rate less than six rate hikes by the Fed in the coming year given that the market expects at a rate of 25 bps per rate hike. And, the risk will lie in market expectations that the Fed will tighten monetary policy further in the coming quarters.

Golden Finance reported that the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase extended its decline to 20% in late trading, hitting a minimum of $53. Reports say the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Coinbase improperly allowed users to trade digital assets that were supposed to be registered as securities.

On July 26, according to an official email released by the encrypted trading platform, the platform’s third-party service provider SendGrid (email service platform) recently experienced a data breach. And BitWell Research change your email password in a timely manner, and do not easily click on emails from unknown sources.



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