BitWell Research Daily News (2022/8/2)

On August 2, the market leader of BitWell which is the world’s leading growth asset platform said in response to user inquiries: Although the current market is in a bear market, the team is intensively contacting some high-quality projects and explore more high-quality assets,provide more choices for users in the context of the low market value of the crypto market.

In the previous interview, the person in charge of BitWell said that the platform is in good operating condition and will not misappropriate user assets. There are far more than 100% of the reserves for users’ asset withdrawal.

On August 2, according to Cointelegraph, DeFi Llama data showed that after the hack, $190.7 million worth of cryptocurrency had been removed from the Nomad token bridge, leaving only $651.54 in the wallet. The total locked value of Nomad’s funds on August 1 was about $190 million.

On August 1st, ENS announced the data for July 2022. The total revenue in July reached 5,400 Ethereum, a record high in a month; 48,000 new accounts held at least one domain name in July, bringing the total to 508,000. In addition, ENS accounts for more than 99% of domain name transactions on OpenSea.

On August 1, according to Bloomberg:North Korean fraudsters are looting job listings on LinkedIn and Indeed, incorporating details they find on legitimate profiles into their resumes, according to security researchers at Mandiant Inc. , in an attempt to get hired by a U.S. cryptocurrency company. By gathering information from crypto companies, North Koreans can gather intelligence on upcoming cryptocurrency trends, researchers say. However, the North Korean government has consistently denied involvement in any cyber theft.



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