Introduction to EvryNet and EvryNet DEX2.0: Bridging CeFi and DeFi

  • Evrynet is developing an inclusive, open-source platform to provide financial services and products
  • Our mission is to create a CeDeFi ecosystem that provide building blocks for projects and developers to utilise to build different decentralised financial applications on
  • As a cornerstone of this ecosystem, we want to focus on bringing more institutional investors into DeFi
  • Our insights, which came from interactions with our early backers and investors, allows us to understand the different barriers these investors face in connecting to DeFi.As a cornerstone of this ecosystem, we want to focus on bringing more people, whether individual or institutional investors into DeFi
  • We’re lucky to have strong corporate backing us such as CP Group (Thailand), Uni-President (Taiwan), hanwha investment & securities (South Korea), 7Bank (Japan) and UOB Bank (Singapore) that we can rely on to build this ecosystem
  • From our conversation with different institutional investors, they have difficulties trading in DEXs because they lack features catered to them. For this part, we’re creating a DEX that can support this type of institutional trading.
  • The two main areas we’re addressing right now are liquidity in Dexs and throughput speed
  • Currently we have Evry.Finance which is our first DEX launched on BSC
  • This DEX allows for swapping, staking and farming. We utilise a combination of AMM and DMM which addresses the issue of slippage.
  • DMM or dynamic market making is an exciting new innovation that is more capital efficient than AMM and slippage can potentially be up to 100 times better than AMMs for more stable pairs. Integrating DMM into the platform also allows Evry.Finance to implement dynamic fees and a programmable pricing curve with the inclusion of a customisable amplification factor.
  • In the next quarter, we’ll also launch a new DEX which we’re calling DEX2.0



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